Stare the Enemy in the Face

1 Samuel 17:35
And I went out after him and smote him, and delivered it out of his mouth; and when he rose against me, I caught him by his beard, and smote him, and slew him.

What has the devil attacked that belongs to you? How long will you stand by while he attacks what is precious to you?

The way to defuse his attacks against you is to begin with a decision to become aggressive toward him. The devil is not prepared for aggressive believers with determination to refuse to sit around recovering from another blow. A believer who understands that Jesus did not go to the cross to have His body plummeted more than once will not put up with attacks.

Every time you and I tolerate another beating from the devil, it is as though Christ is being crucified at Calvary again. Bless God, once was enough. Since Jesus rose from the grave having had His body beaten, bruised, and bloodied, with the sins and transgression of humankind placed on Him, we the body of Christ no longer have to be passive in this battle.

David went after what was rightfully his and delivered his father’s sheep because they were in his care and he felt responsible for them. As pastors, we must go after attackers of the congregations assigned to us. When David recognized the enemy turning on him, he aggressively went after the thing trying to destroy the sheep. He ran to the enemy, got up in his face, took hold of his beard or jaw, and did what was necessary to eliminate him as a threat.

How exciting it is to get a reputation among the enemy’s crowd that you are not only a slayer of animals, but of giants! After a while, one stupid enough to try you again for size will surface when you least expect it. Rejoice: Not only do you know ahead of time the outcome, but your weapon is far superior to any other.

Believers believe that the name of Jesus and the Word of God are more powerful in the mouth of one of His than anything Satan can pull together.

Today, choose, “I am through enduring the devil. I am no longer waiting to see what he will do next. I am going after him first by making sheep out of his goats with God’s help. Amen?