LOVE: The Weapon of Choice

Let me see what I am capable of without the Holy Spirit’s first controlling and directing my life. It frightens me to understand that apart from daily contact with the Vine, Jesus Christ, that I could be reduced to such vile things. But because of Him and My union with Him, nothing is impossible to me.

Others are permitted in my life both to hinder and to develop me. However, I do not have to yield to anything or anyone who operates contrary to God’s Word or plan for me. I am all that He desires me to be, because I follow His voice and promptings. They are never wrong.

Victory is mine in Christ Jesus. Defeat knocks regularly at my door, but I refuse to go out to play, because God has a better choice to offer that will benefit mankind and me. That brings glory to Him.

Endurance has become my battle cry when I find myself overwhelmed by the mire of things sent to attract or to distract me. Once I settled that I do not have to have anything until the Father provides it as a gift—without the strings that the world attaches to what it offers—I began to see beyond my limited eyesight into a realm that most people ignore or disdain.

I have Jesus, who has made me complete in Him (Colossians 2:10). I have His character and nature of love, which allows me to wield it as a weapon against the adversary or to yield to it as a representative of the One I serve. The choice is mine. It’s also yours. The devil has no say in these matters.
Remember, Love never fails…
1 Corinthians 13:8